Welcome to HDRNet

The Human Development Resource Network (HDRNet) is a specialized electronic library on human development and international co-operation.

HDRNet is managed by the Universitas Programme of the KIP International School (www.kipschool.org). It is part of an effort that brings together international organizations, national and local governments, development practitioners and researchers, enabling a broad community of participants from many different parts of the world to contribute material they consider relevant to the research and practice of human development, especially at the local level, in the form of articles, reports, monographs, videos and photos. It also archives a wealth of material that is not available through the internet or in other libraries, and can be searched in four languages.

HDRNet uses open-access technology and offers unrestricted access to the documents it archives. It aims to serve as a forum for disseminating innovative and practice-based research on local human development, especially that produced in the South.

Repository Policies

Policy for use of material in this repository.

HDRNet supports OAI 2.0 with a base URL of http://hdrnet.org/cgi/oai2