About us

HDRNet is administered jointly by the Universitas Programme of the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) and the International Secretariat for Human Development (ISHD) at York University, Canada. They work in close collaboration to develop, acquire and publish the content of the library.

The content published on HDRNet is selected by an international network of researchers and practitioners involved in an initiative that brings together experiences of different UN organizations, local governments, research and policy institutions and specialized centers from many countries of the South and North to develop and share Knowledge, Innovations and Policies for human development and international cooperation (KIP Initiative)

We can offer the following services:
i. suggested reading lists on our main topics and sub topics
ii. bibliographic research on specific issues
iii. on-line workshops and discussion groups
iv. development of teaching curriculum and material (such as CD Roms) on our topics and sub-topics

Please help us build HDRNet by suggesting the services you think we should provide

HDRNet is and has been supported by contributions from the International Labour Organization (ILO), Geneva, UNDP, through the ART Initiative, UNOPS and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) of Canada that has supported a special archive on gender from a southern perspective.


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